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Justice is...


2003 Louis Glanzman


 ...what love looks like in public.


Dr. Cornel West




"Action on Behalf of Justice is a Constitutive

Dimension of Living the Gospel."

Vatican II


The information on this website is offered as a resource for the NDP community: students, faculty, leadership,

staff, parents and alumnae.



Experiencing this Site


The work of Justice is based on Catholic Social Teaching which is based on Gospel Values.

We, as Catholic Christians, have been called to build God's Kingdom of

justice and peace here on earth.


This is an incredible challenge based on what seem to be impossible ideals.


  Please keep in mind: 


Gospel Values and the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching are ideals and guidelines.

They are profoundly counter-cultural. They challenge our way of life.


Everyone struggles with these ideals.

Everyone is challenged by them in different ways.


We are not called to achieve these ideals,

we are called to try to live them.



  We do not experience God's Kingdom as a destination,

                          but in the journey.                       ....... 






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