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A Global Volunteers participant with the babies in the hospital in Tutova, Romania

"The children tapped into a part of me I did not know existed."

Martha Doctor, Roswell, GA




The following is an e-mail that I received from GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS December, 2009.


Any current NDP faculty, alumna or graduated Senior is invited to consider serving orphaned infants

 in Romania with this organization.


If you are interested in more information or applying please contact Lucy Strausbaugh:


Dear Supporter,

Can you join help or do you know someone who could help us in Romania at the end of January to help the children at the Pediatric Recovery Center in Tutova?  Eager embraces from tiny arms have a magical way of warming up chilly days.  The needs of the small residents at the center remain constant throughout the year, while our volunteer resources often dwindle at this time. Will you or someone you know offer your warmth and compassion to compensate for this reality?


Ten years ago, we promised our rural Romanian host a steady stream of volunteers to provide individual attention and early intervention to make a difference in the lives of these babies and toddlers, providing the stimulation, love, and nurturing that a parent would normally give. Hundreds of volunteers have opened their hearts these past ten years, so that today, these happy, healthy children eagerly await each volunteer team. Sadly we had to cancel our January 9th team because of the lack of volunteers and donít want to have to do the same with the January 30th team.  If we do, the 15-20 babies in the center will have only the few staff members to hold, feed, bathe, dress and engage them for 6-weeks.  


The typical volunteer day starts at 7 a.m. for breakfast at the hotel, and then itís off to the clinic to feed and play with hungry babies waiting to be picked up from their cribs.  Then itís bath time, time for developmental activities, holding and playing followed by lunch.  The babies nap after lunch so volunteers often take this time to catch up on letter-writing, reading, taking a nap or other activities.  After naps, volunteers work on more of the same activities, and can help feed the babies dinner and put them to bed. 


Romania is a one to three-week program, so volunteers are welcome to join us for whatever time they are able to get away. A week or more of your time will impact these children for the rest of their lives. The newly renovated hotel where we stay is just a two minute walk from the center of the quiet village of Tutova. Meals are taken at the hotel or at local cafes in Tutova or nearby Barlad and there is a 4 hour scenic train ride from Bucharest on the way from and to the airport.  Mihaela and her husband, Dan still lead all our Romania teams and volunteers who have served with them sing their praises.


You need no special skills to make a significant difference at this important time of year.  Heroism is found in the small common things like a lap to sit on, a story read and a smile given to these little ones. There are no greater gifts than those directly from the heart.  In this season of goodwill, wonít you allow the genuine warmth of Tutova and Barlad to fill your heart on the January 30th or later teams?  It will be a bright spot in your own winter and will certainly brighten up theirs. 


To apply, simply call me or complete our online application


The entire staff of Global Volunteers and the Tutova Pediatric Recovery Center thank you for your spirit of volunteerism,


Best Wishes, 

Lynsi Spaulding, Senior Volunteer Coordinator

Global Volunteersģ - Partners in Development
800-487-1074 ext. 6118 toll free

651-407-6118 direct

651-482-0915 fax

Celebrating 25 years of service worldwide


P.S. For those of you who have volunteered in Romania recently, you may remember Cleopatra Maria who has hydrocephalus. 

Despite medical attention and the care of the staff who have become so attached to her, she is having a difficult time so please keep

her in your thoughts during this holiday season.