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In 2003 the world began to hear of genocide in a place called Darfur...




In the fall of 2004 our school newspaper, The Gateway, brought the story to us:  mass killings, villages burned to the ground,

food supplies destroyed and wells fouled, the systematic raping of women and girls, millions of refugees.


As our government and national media paid little to no attention to this horror, Mr. Tom Klein's Social Issues classes

decided to respond.  They organized not only a school wide, but an interscholastic letter writing campaign.

They collected 3,000 letters to President Bush and Senator Mikulski from area high schools.


Their message:  Send U.N. peacekeepers.  Protect the people.  Stop the genocide!





In the spring of 2005 student representatives of the Social Issues classes and 3 teachers went to Washington D.C. to personally

 deliver the letters.  They were welcomed by Senator Mikulski. The White House preferred that they not deliver the letters. 

Sen. Mikulski said that she would see that they got there.



Students with the boxes containing 3,000 letters in front of the Senate Office Building.


Students presenting the letters to Senator Mikulski. The teachers with them are

(left to right) Tom Klein, Ben Gruswitz and Lucy Strausbaugh.


Photos courtesy of Tom Klein