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International Images of Mother Theresa

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Porto Alegre

Mother Theresa always preferred the poor, the young, and the marginalized,

regardless of their race. The painter, Jo„o Braz in 1993, united the four races

of Brazil: Indian, Negro, Mulatto, and Caucasion. His inspiration for this new

work came from the Mother Theresa picture by Josef Kastner.






Sao Paulo

This wooden statue of Mother Theresa is the work

of Uilson Serrano.







       This wooden statue is the work of

Diego Aitujal.




Dominican Republic

This painting is located in the Gerhardinger School library in Banica, Dominican Republic.

It was painted by the students in 1987 in remembrance of the sisters who ministered there.







This statue is located in Notre Dame High School in Kyoto.

It is the work of Jiro Mojima. Words taken from YAS, C. 22

are carved on the base of the statue:
"If a person will be changed, the world will be changed."




The stained glass window is in the regional house

in Talofofo, Guam.







These statues are in the garden of our African novitiate i

n Sunyani, Brong Ahafo, Ghana.







This painting by Erich Kllimek was displayed for Mother Theresaís beatification

in St. Peterís Basilica in Rome in 1985.





This icon is the work of Sister M. Petra Tornay, SSND.





The original picture by Joseph Kastner is located in the Austrian Motherhouse.
 On the day of the beatification ceremony for Mother Theresa, a large

reproduction of this painting was hung from a front

balcony of St. Peterís Basilica.






Painting of Mother Theresa by S. Kornela Kwasniewicz, SSND



The girls are busy working with Mother Theresa. The painting is in the
Motherhouse in Opole, Poland.





This picture by Sister Romana Zidar, SSND, shows Mother Theresa talking

with a group of children as the community of sisters looks on. 












This banner is part of the Centennial Celebration in the St. Louis Province.

Written on it are the names of the 3,125 members of the St. Louis Province

from 1895 to 1995. It is the work of Sister Josephine Niemann, SSND.





The quilt was created at the request of the province government committee for Province Days 2002.

The committee wanted something that would catch the eye and draw special attention to

Mother Theresa. The design was made by Cathy Sawicki and it was hand quilted in three

months by S. Mary Kay Brooks, S. Annette Dobitz and S. Ann Carol Kaufenberg.





A "Legacy of Service" was commissioned to commemorate the presence of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

in the United States from 1847-1997.The figure on the right represents Blessed Mother Theresa of Jesus

Gerhardinger, foundress, holding the original rule book of the congregation. The figure at the left is

Mother Caroline Friess, the first superior in the United States, whose hand rests on a plow which

symbolizes the work she undertook of "breaking new ground."

 It is the work of G. E. Mul


Copyright © 2005 by SSND