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                                           photos: L.Strausbaugh

Notre Dame Prep students on the 'Peace Path' at the SSND Motherhouse.

September 11, 2005.



                                                                                      How We Serve - Justice & Peace


The School Sisters of Notre Dame have a special commitment to helping persons who are poor and working for justice in the world. For a listing of institutions that are SSND-Sponsored or related, see the list below.

SHALOM is the SSND International Network for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. Taking a prophetic stance SHALOM joins its voice with those who cry for justice and provides a voice for those who are voiceless in their struggle for justice.

There are five branches of SHALOM: Africa, Asia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America.

                                                                                                             WHERE WE SERVE: JUSTICE & PEACE MINISTRIES  


Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry
Mankato, MN...
Center goals: to practice reverence for all creation on Good Counsel Hill; to support rural parish communities and those who minister there; to work with organizations that struggle to keep land and people together.

SSND NGO Rep at the United Nations
New York City, NY
The SSNDs are pleased to have a fulltime non-governmental representative at the United Nations.

Working Groups on Girls
SSNDs help to sponsor this growing international movement to support the human rights of girls and to give voice to their issues

Worldwide ... Shalom
SSNDs also use an international network named Shalom to coordinate efforts related to justice/peace issues.

Diocesan Office for Social Concerns
Springfield, IL
The Office for Social Concerns promotes awareness, advocacy and parish action on issues of justice, peace and life in the Diocese of Springfield, IL.


                                                                                                               SHALOM - Trafficking


Between 700,000 to two million women and children are trafficked across borders each year. International trafficking is a significant problem in the area of human rights and a gruesome crime affecting men, women and children.

SHALOM North America, the SSND International Network for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, has released a packet outlining the suffering and oppression of women and children who are enslaved by trafficking. Contents include:

  • Invitation to reflection
  • How to begin
  • Experience - video
  • Cultural influences
  • Fact sheet on women
  • Tradition & prayer
  • Action - from our faith

Click here to view a printable .pdf verision of the packet
Adobe Acrobat

Click here to view a Word document version of the packet