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The  Social Issues classes carried on as the resource for NDP's Darfur Outreach Activities.     



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   Listed below are the results of their efforts: 



NDP Darfur Outreach Activities: 





Darfur Rally: NYC: 2 Seniors, Yasmin Karimian, Adeaze Duru, 1 Junior from the Social Issues Class, Paige Cook, and Ms. Strausbaugh went to the SAVE DARFUR RALLY at Central Park in NYC.  They were horrified about what they learned and inspired to do whatever they could to end the killing.  All of the following activities to get the word out and end the genocide were student driven by Senior Religion and Social Issues classes.



Assembly presentation to NDP: The 3 students who went to the NYC rally spoke, and 2 Social Issues classes made posters and fliers.

Calvert Hall: 6 Social Issues Students showed the Save Darfur Video continuously to students in the cafeteria and gave out flyers.

Archdiocesan Schools: One of the Social Issues classes e-mailed Dr. Ron Valenti, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, and asked him to contact the

Religion Departments of all of the Catholic schools to get out the message about Darfur, which he graciously did.

Car Painting: Students painted messages on their car windows: Stop the Genocide - Call the White House - 202-456-1111.



Loyola High School: 5 Social Issues Students showed the Save Darfur Video continuously to students in the cafeteria and gave out flyers.

Towson Town Mall: ‘Ask Me About Darfur’:  25 Seniors wore T-Shirts they painted with 'Ask Me About Darfur', and they walked through TT Mall

giving flyers to those who 'asked'.



Archdiocesan Parishes: Social Issues Classes e-mailed Cardinal Keeler to ask him to alert his pastors to the upcoming ‘Day of Prayer’ for Darfur

(a Sunday that churches all over the world would be praying for Darfur).  In addition the girls directly e-mailed their own pastors with the same request.



Mercy High School: 2 Seniors showed the video and spoke to all of the the Junior Classes.

Banner: A large banner stating: 'A Call to Conscience - Save Darfur' was displayed in front of NDP facing Hampton Lane.



Tears for Darfur: Seniors found out about this grassroots event on Facebook, and the Social Issues classes did the groundwork for everyone at NDP

to have a red tear painted under their eye in recognition of what is happening in Darfur.  Many kept it on as they left school which instigated conversations

with people in the community.

Harford Co. Catholic Youth Groups Social Justice Conference: 1 Senior and a teacher spoke to young people and adults from parishes all over

Harford County.

Micah: Archdiocesan Youth Social Justice Retreat: 4 Seniors gave presentation to 2 groups.



Archdiocesan Youth Leadership Council: 1 Senior and a teacher gave a presentation to youth representatives from every parish in Maryland.



Our Lady of the Chesapeake, Pasedena, Md: A teacher spoke to the 9th and 10th grade confirmation classes.

Mount St. Joseph High School: 3 Seniors spoke to all of the Junior and Senior Religion classes.




 Estimated Number Who Received Outreach on Darfur: 

3500 !