Teaching Forgiveness
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cami colarossi


Sr. Muriel speaks about her experience to a Religion class of Sophomores who were studying the Gospel Value of Forgiveness.


May 1, 2008

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The following are student responses to the question:

'If you were the defendant, how do you think Sr. Muriel's actions would have affected you?'


 " I would have been so thankful that she was forgiving.  It is very rare in assault cases that the victim comes up to their attacker and says 'I forgive you'.

 Sr. Muriel could have easily held a grudge against Dodson and no one would criticize her for it.  Instead, she took the hard path of forgoveness,

which is exactly what Jesus would have done.  I would cherish that moment forever."



 "Sr. Muriel's actions would have had a profound effect on my life.  The defendant did something cruel and wrong and yet was forgiven.  He hurt

Sr. Muriel physically and stole from her.  The fact that she could be so kind and openhearted after this is tryly amazing and awe-inspiring and

 would have changed my life."



 "If I were the defendant, I think that Sr. Muriel's actions would have had a huge effect on me.  Even just reading and hearing the story,

Sr. Muriel's actions gave me hope.  The fact that she could not be mad and could want the best for Mr. Dodson gave me hope that

people can change if they are given the chance.  Also, when Sr. Muriel gave the card with the quote from the Bible to Mr. Dodson

I was amazed and grateful that Sr. Muriel could have so much faith in another person when that person has permanently hurt her. 

Finally, Sr. Muriel's actions made me want to be more forgiving of those who have hurt me and forgive those who I have hurt."