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"Charity will never be true charity unless it takes justice into account. Let no one attempt with small gifts of charity

 to exempt themselves from the great duties imposed by justice."

Pope John Paul II




The information below has been reproduced with the gracious permission of the

 Office for Social Justice : Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis:




Encyclicals of Catholic Social Teaching


Rerum Novarum  

(On Capital and Labour)

His Holiness Leo XIII, Pope of Rome



Pacem in Terris

(On Establishing Universal Peace)

His Holiness John XXIII, Pope of Rome



Populorum Progressio

(On the Development of Peoples)

His Holiness Paul VI, Pope of Rome



Centesimus Annus

(On the Centennial of "Rerum Novarum")

His Holiness John Paul II, Pope of Rome



Sollicitudo Rei Socialis

(Social Concern)

His Holiness John Paul II, Pope of Rome



Laborem Exercens

(On Human Labour)



Christifideles Laici

(The Laity faithful to the Christ)