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101 Days of Prayer for Peace in Sudan

Kelsey Klarman '11


Seniors Katie Secret and Sophie Heitmiller brought the lit candle from the Peace Pole Service to rm. 224 to serve as a reminder

of the '101 Days of Prayer for Peace in Sudan'.




The following is a call put out by Sr. Cathy Arata, SSND (who is in Southern Sudan) to the people of her area to work towards

Peace from September 21, 2010 to January 9, 2011.


Below that please refer to the Catholic Relief Services link which shows how WE can help.





101 Days of Prayer towards a

Peaceful Referendum in Sudan


                                                         CHANGE YOUR HEART

                                                 CHANGE  THE WORLD



 Dear Friends:

September 21st is the International Day of Peace and January 1st is World Day of Peace.  Between those two dates are 101 days.  Making these hundred and one days particularly significant this year is Sudan’s referendum vote which will be held shortly thereafter, on January 11, 2011.

In looking ahead toward that referendum, we can anticipate a time of increasingly heightened anxiety as Southern Sudan prepares to make an enormously important decision.  It is likely that campaigns will be activated, organizations will be mobilized, debates will be energized and that increasing scrutiny will be given to this decision.

Diverse opinion and spirited discussions of controversial topics are healthy in a society as long as they are held in a peaceful manner.  As a post-conflict country with a long history of war, however, Sudan’s familiarity with peace is quite limited.

And so, the confluence of International Day of Peace and the World Day of Peace invites us to initiate a campaign of prayer and activities for peace during the 101 days between September 21, 2010 and January 1, 2011.  It will be an important time to teach people how to be peace-builders, reinforce the importance of peace in our communities, prepare for the referendum by praying for peace, and to deepen each one’s commitment to becoming an advocate for peace.

You are invited to become part of this experience by sponsoring a peace-building activity in your local area.  Please consider sponsoring Diocesan days of prayer and fasting for peace, peace walks from one village to another, promoting inter-faith dialogue with our Muslim brothers and sisters on the topic of peace, or some other activity which instructs and celebrates peace.

To assist, a calendar will be printed of the 101 activities being sponsored throughout the country during the 101 days of the campaign.  Multi-religion prayer cards, calendars and other support materials will be made available. This national campaign will  focus mainly on  pastoral – sports and cultural – media – educational activities.

Solidarity with Southern Sudan (SSS) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) have teamed together to launch this important campaign.  Other organizations and funding agencies are welcomed to partner with us in this important initiative which underscores the importance of peace and creates a peaceful society in transitional times.

                Please join us by sponsoring an activity in support of the 101 Days of Prayer towards a Peaceful referendum in Sudan. .

 Examples of peace activities to be promoted during this campaign:


·         Christ the King Feast – November 21: special Youth Day for Peace;

·         Novena for Peace in each Parish (Dec 8)

·         Lent Calendar


·         Youth contests: compose a song; prayer, etc.

·         Youth sports competition;

·         Walk for peace!


·         Pre-recorded messages of peace;

·         Press releases

·         Organize competition or contest to compose: songs, prayers, etc.


·         Civic Education activities;

·         School competitions: posters, poems, songs, prayers;

·         Sports activities

NB: These are only sample activities. Suggestions are welcome.


Contact: Sr. Cathy Arata, Solidarity with Southern Sudan (located next to CRS near Palica)

  e mail:      phone: 09-553-145-18




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