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Robert Lentz


"My homilies try to be the people's voice,

the voice of those who have no voice."


Archbishop Oscar Romero




NETWORK - A Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Learning to  LOBBY  for Justice


NETWORK's mission of education and lobbying on behalf of justice for those who are poor and marginalized in our society directs our choice and analysis of issues.We work on issues having economic implications especially for women and children.

We use three lenses to critique and construct legislation:

I. Principles of Catholic Social Teaching and the Gospel Message:

  • respect for the dignity of each individual person,

  • the common good as interrelated with the good of each person and the health and future of the planet,

  • the dignity of work,

  • the special claim of the poor and vulnerable,

  • the dignity of all creation,

  • participation as a basic human right.

II. Life experiences of people who are poor.

III. A feminist / womanist / mujerista perspective that:

  • has a vision of society that promotes mutuality, equality and collaboration, values and promotes women as contributing members of society,

  • respects the diversity of women's experiences in moving from oppression to liberation,

  • acknowledges that the largest number of people worldwide living in poverty are women.

Results of Congressional Votes

Current Session (108th Congress, First Session): Find out how your Representative or Senators have voted on issues we follow by using our Legislative Action Center. For other issues, use Thomas at the Library of Congress web-site and click on Roll Call Votes for either House or Senate.