Justice for Africa
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Prayer for Africa


O Mary, Mother of God,
Thanks to you, on the day of the Annunciation,
At the dawn of the new era,
The whole human race with all its cultures
Rejoiced in recognizing itself as one family.
On the eve of a new Pentecost for Africa
The People of God turn to you and fervently pray:
May the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
Make the nations of Africa
Places of peace and human dignity.
Make the communities and cultures of Africa
Respect diversity while promoting unity.
May the peoples of this great Continent,
Your beloved sons and daughters,
Celebrate hope.
May they be granted
Godís justice, love and peace.


Pope John Paul II,

Cameroon, Africa,






"What would I call upon you to do, then? 


Look with me upon the griefs, the aches, the anguished cries of the world in which we live.

 Look out, and grieve. Look out, and ache. Look out, and feel its pains. 


 But most of all, understand that Christ, our Lord, lived and died and rose again, not only that we might be redeemed to God,

but that we might be redeemed to one another as well, and that we might come to live out that redemption

 by building a community of justice and peace."






artist: Timothy P. Schmaltz