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Sr. Kornela Kwasniewicz, SSND



   The week of Oct. 16-20 is  EDUCATION WEEK in preparation for FOUNDATION DAY on Tues. Oct. 24. The Religion Department will be taking this opportunity to focus on Mother Theresa Gerhardinger and her story in classes.  All other faculty are invited to consider how you might incorporate aspects of her story, and the mission of the SSNDs into the curriculum you are already using.  After you look over the Founders Day 2006 links, which span the origins of the SSNDs to their work all over the world today, you can check out the suggestions that are provided below.

1. You can choose any of the THEMES below that can be applied to what you are currently doing.

2. You can look at the SUGGESTIONS that can be incorporated into lessons or assignments, or come up with your own ideas and share them with members of your departments.

3. Don't be concerned if the timing of this doesn't work for you right now. Since this year we are focusing on Faith Development, and since all of these themes and topics are rooted in the SSND/NDP Missions, you will have other opportunities to include them in your curriculum.







•trust and dare





•cultural diversity





•educating girls/women

•option for the poor

•pioneering spirit

•reading and responding to the signs of the times


•Gospel Values:

Respect for the Life and Dignity of Each Person               















Middle Level:

1. Adapt any of the department suggestions.

2. Go to: http://www.lovingjustwise.com/'caroline's_dream'.htm for an animated and charming version of Mother Theresa's

    childhood story.

3. Go to:http://www.lovingjustwise.com/villa_assumpta.htm for a personal look into the lives of the retired sisters at Villa Assumpta.



Social Studies: go to http://www.lovingjustwise.com/ssnd_founders.htm, which gives an historical context to the origins of the SSNDs and have the students explore how "...the French Revolution created in 19th century Germany a desperate educational situation with far-reaching effects on church and society",  and led to the need for the SSND mission.



Philosophy: go to http://www.lovingjustwise.com/ssnd_founders.htm and have the students explore how the following philosophical trends led to the need for teachers of poor girls:

"The political and religious circumstances stemming from the Enlightenment and the French Revolution had created in 19th century Germany a desperate educational situation with far-reaching effects on church and society. The rationalists’ insistence on the primacy of reason weakened appreciation for Christian education; the confiscation of church possessions by the state led to the suppression of many convent schools and made it virtually impossible for young girls to receive even a basic education."



Economics: go to http://www.lovingjustwise.com/new_page_27.htm to see, analyse and evaluate what the SSNDs are doing to eradicate poverty.



Biology/Environmental Science:

Have the students go http://www.lovingjustwise.com/new_page_26.htm to research and report on the issues involved in the SSND Integrity of Creation project.



English: Have the students read about Mother Theresa and Mother Caroline and look at the above themes, and write an essay, haiku or poem about whatever captures their imagination




There is a story (perhaps apocryphal, perhaps true) that there was a real battle of wills between Mother Theresa and Mother Caroline regarding extending their mission to North America. What has been heard is that Mother Theresa originally did not want to send sisters to America, and that Mother Caroline did, and, that Mother Caroline sat outside Mother Theresa's door (days, weeks, months...?) until she agreed.  The students could be challenged to look for the origins of this story and find out if it is legend or fact.  Either way, it would make a great article!



Second Languages:

Have the students go to http://www.lovingjustwise.com/global_witness.htm to see the faces of the global SSND community;

to http://www.lovingjustwise.com/peace_poles!.htm to visit SSND Peace Poles all over the world,

to http://www.lovingjustwise.com/new_page_25.htmto see all of the countries where SSNDs walked to end hunger and

to http://www.lovingjustwise.com/global_images.htm to see international images of Mother Theresa and Mother Caroline.


Art: Have the students go tohttp://www.lovingjustwise.com/global_images.htm to see international images of  the SSND Founders, and then decide how they would portray, paint, photoshop or sculpt these women today.

Music: Have any songs or hymns been written about Mother Theresa or Mother Caroline?  Have the students find out, and, if they are inspired or gifted, they can compose something original.



Technology: Students can be encouraged to go to www.gerhardinger.org and create a power point presentation about the life of Mother Theresa or Mother Caroline, or, some aspect of the SSND mission today.



Math: Sorry - you are on your own!